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Our products and treatments are the alliance between an in-depth cell biology and a biotechnology at the cutting edge of the technology.
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Dr. Laporte founded the Laboratoires GERnétic Synthèse following his investigation on the skin of patients suffering serious burns at « Les Hôpitaux de Paris »

Biotechnology is at the heart of our methods, and our ingredients and active ingredients are extracted from vegetal and marin worlds.

We use the principles of cell biology by providing the body with the elements suitable for a smooth operation.

Our products are rich in active ingredients and greatly concentrated which make our creams high technology products with unequalled efficacy.

Our priority principles


Use high technology and innovative products to enrich the product formulas with natural substances always even more actives.


Guarantee an irreproachable quality by testing and checking all products, before, during and after their manufacturing.


Use the synergy of key active ingredients for an in-depth
treatment of the epidermis and a tenfold efficacy.

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Our researchers are perpetually leading investigations in the cell biology field.

Health Experts

We are a large international family consisting of beauticians, expert trainers, dermatologists and surgeons.


We have dynamic marketing and sales teams which organize seminars all over the world.


Dr. Alena Pkolova

Dermatologist CzechRepublic

Due to its composition and excellent properties, Synchro cream meets several needs of use. It does not only serve to solve aesthetic deficiencies or reduce wrinkles. In my practice, I use it to solve other skin problems and its effect is without appeal. My patients have been really satisfied with its use, for instance for the nutrition of atopic skin or for chronic and dry eczema. I noticed a softened skin and an attenuation of itching. I recommend this cream to soften post-acne damages, before dermatological or surgical intervention, or when patients wish to improve the appearance of the scar, which leads to better skin and better healing, thus avoiding keloid formation or invasive scars. Applied to a case of excess sebum or actinic keratosis, I could see a gradual improvement of the scars, the following treatment with liquid nitrogen was not so intensive and patients also used the cream after a peeling. With Synchro Cream, patients are always satisfied, I recommend it.

Tiago Baptista Fernandes

General Practitioner, Aesthetic Surgeon and Clinic Director at the Portuguese Institute of AestheticSurgery

The GERnétic products used by our health care facility since more than seven years, are so effective that we have been required to set up new pre and post-surgical procedures around them. We are delighted with the results. The care given to the enrichment and balance of the skin has led to a net improvement of our results and thus of our customer satisfaction.

Carla Andrino


Diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago, I had a mastectomy and then an immediate reconstruction. From the first change of my dressing, I noticed that my nipple had a dark colour almost black. It proves to be usual after this type of surgical intervention. The nurse informed me that this one was almost « dead » (only few weakened blood vessels were visible) and that I needed to get used to the idea that it will become dry and will finally fall. Then she advised me the use of a cream. I immediately contacted GERnétic experts dealing with my file for 10 years which recommended me the Synchro treatment, to use three times a day. The effect was really impressive: My nipple immediately started to recover. Today, I can proudly say that it is absolutely “alive”. Thanks,GERnétic!

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