Body and bust

Each skin is unique and it is with this consideration that we have elaborated our body care range. By drawing a complete report of characteristics and symptoms of your skin, we adapt our care and synergy of our actives to physiological needs of your epidermis. These deep treatments target the cause of the dysfunction. Your skin regains the nutrients, oligo-elements and essential amino acids to its functioning. Its affections are treated and not palliated. It finds shape, firmness and elasticity. Whatever your skin problem. There is always a GERnétic solution.

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  • Bust

    Throughout its life, the woman's hormones fluctuate. From adolescence to menopause through the procreation, the body produces, the skin suffers. Add to this the external disturbances brought by contraception, stress or different diets. As a mirror, your skin thus expresses locally your internal anomalies. Buttons, stretch marks, premenstrual syndromes, all hormonal causes can be regulated or soothed from the first treatment. Do not ignore your neckline and the curve of your bust. A deep treatment is a global treatment.

  • Body

    Redraw your silhouette and discover the unequaled effectiveness of GERnétic Body care.
    Our care range answers to each target problem and has dedicated protocols.
    What do you wish, reduce your fat deposits, to tone your tissues, fight cellulite or eliminate stretch marks, our know-how and technology adapt to your case. Clinics studiestestify with exceptional results from the first application.

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