Preserving your youthfulness, slowing down the ageing process and looking younger is no longer a dream but a reality.

Which woman, irrespective of her age, has not dreamt of preserving or restoring the youthfulness of her face? Bringing continuous innovation, Laboratoires GERNÉTIC Int. skin care specialists for more than 30 years, have developed, after many years of research, a line of 3 TIME-LESS products that effectively fight against the cutaneous ageing of the face and hands.

Skin is not only a layer of protection. It is one of the body’s highly important functional organ. In addition to its esthetic aspects including radiance, smoothness and skin tone, recent dermatological and cosmetological researches have demonstrated the importance of skin.

As a result, extra-cellular ENZYMES such as sphingomyelinases and glucosinases, are essential in order to guarantee the formation of ceramide bi-layers, which ensure proper cellular cohesion.

In addition, phospholipases regulate the cellular proliferation of keratinocytes. Ceramidases, phosphatases, catalase and superoxyde-dismutase are involved in the skin’s protection against free radical damage.

It is therefore necessary to protect the enzymatic functions of the Stratum Corneum. Enzymes are the biochemical wheels of cells, hence Life itself.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items